Thursday, April 11, 2019

Generation Gap Essay Example for Free

Generation Gap EssayDo you know what a generation gap is? Even if you dont know the particular definition, you be aware of this difficulty, basing on your own experience. Generation gap is a popular term used to describe serious differences mingled with people of two generations. To realize how to deal with it, you should keep in mind that generation gap includes several(prenominal) aspects chelaren must know as much as possible about their parents and parents about the world expected value of their children, about relations between brothers and sisters, and also about the attitude to them of close relatives on both sides fathers and beats. Children have a great deal of attention, time and patience, so, if you are not tack together to devote all that to your baby, it is split up not to hurry There are many families where both parents keep working after fine-looking birth to their baby It is similar to the situation with a single-parent family, when a father or a mothe r hardly have enough time and neglect their childrens upbringing. In such cases most of the time the child has to spend on his own or with his friends.Due to the fact that he has not got any focussing from his parents he may be involved in some bad companies which commit violence or even crime and become alcohol or drug addicted. When the parents discover that, its usually too previous(a) to change anything. On the other hand, there is a different situation when the parents treat their children too austere and dont give them any freedom at all. In this case the children may become pariahs among their peers. Constant bans may increase the risk that the child will grow up insolent and defiant. This causes another big problem lying. The child is forced to lie to the parents because of the fear to be punished. It can be anything from putting on lenify in the girls room at school to stealing. Some children rebel against discipline and family values. They listen to a big music, wea r inappropriate, to their parents mind, clothes, dye their hair in inconceivable colours, have all their bodies pierced and tattooed trying to video display their independence and establish their identity.They want to be treated as adults, but they are not ready to take all the necessary responsibilities. It doesnt mean that your child is bad and he will become a criminal. Of course, not It only means that your child is in his transitional age and he is in invite of your understanding and support. But how to handle such behaviour? Parents should become his close friends. First of all they should reveal to respect his interests. Try to speak with him as often as possible, offer some parent-child activities like shop or going in for sports. It is worth involving the child in discussing some family questions, just to show that he is a full member of the family. Moreover, children in their teens are very vulnerable when they are criticized in public, so try to avoid it. Parents shoul d always be honest and sincere with their child otherwise it would be below the belt to require the same from him.Too authoritarian parents cant do any good to their children as sound as parents who overindulge all the childs caprices. Overindulgence may lead to the same results as negligence. There are parents who are afraid of hurting the child by banning something when it is necessary. Such parents risk becoming ineffective in the family and losing control over their children who may become spoiled and capricious. It demands to make a great lather from both parents and children to reach mutual understanding. There are many different opinions on the question of treating children if they disobey their parents, but every parent should decide for himself what will be best for his child and set him on the right path.

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