Saturday, April 20, 2019

Nursing Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing Students - Essay ExampleThe title could do a little edict though to make it appear scholarly.In its abstract, it has identified a total sample population of n=197 whereby only 6% creates the sample size. The sample is too small to reflect the subject population thereby the confidence level is heighten too actively. The chances of error are so remote here. But it has been famed that in determining a sample size for a given level of accuracy, the worst teddy of 50% should be used. Type of sampling employed and how the respondents were selected among the schools total population of 424 undergraduate students was derived. Such tuition vital to the methods used in the analysis of data was not identified in the abstract nor in its methodology.Kidder relates that, a critical portion of a research study is the portion on the instruments used to assemblage data. Validity of the conclusion derived out of the statistical instruments depends greatly on its characteristics. Therefore the questionnaire used as the main tool in this research should be attached in the bibliography subject to further studies and referencing. dependableness which refers to the extent of an instruments consistency should be able to elicit the same response when applied to respondents. Since such memorial is not identified nor presented in this article, its validity and reliability cannot be substantiated and investigated. Over-all evaluation of the instrument cannot be conducted at this moment. The quantitative results of data gathered does not clearly correlate with the problem encountered and stated in the backbone that it has focused on the end result of treatment intervention as its instrumentation rather than on the smoking patterns and behavior itself and the possible effects of implementing a certain kind of treatment intervention.Works CitedKidder, Louise H.1981). look for Methods in Social Relations.. New York Hold, Rinehart and Winston.Works CitedMarx,Karl. Capitalism a nd Alienation 07 Mar,

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