Wednesday, April 17, 2019

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY - Essay ExampleIn most cases many firms are moved from countries that are not industrialised to highly industrialised ones in terms of technology, infrastructural developments, jobs, wealth and more consumers. Jeremy Moon has a vision for his firm and that is the reason he thinks of dilateing it to Chinese Market.Chinese market is well industrialised with a great deal of consumers, technologically developed and possesses a good market for his products. Industrialised countries experience rapid economic growth which opens an opportunity for one to expand their own business and increase productivity level. This is due to the presence of established markets that provide quality clear and competitive prices. world(prenominal) business strategy is efficiently and effectively matching the strengths of a competitor in relation to the challenges and opportunities found in a certain market environment that is dispersed across borders. International business strategy focuses on getting into foreign market through the use of structured meetings by the top management (Chhabra 1996).Selling in China is a priority in that there is a ready market. Chinese network of fashion distribution was evolving, extensive and get outing to experiment with western goods. This was a major advantage to Jeremy Moon where China is an industrialized country with ready consumers, good transport and chat facilities and improved technology. Good transport and communication enhances one to travel easily to the market. Passing of information will also be enhanced by the good communication facilities available in China. The technological forward motion will enhance production of quality products and services to the consumers. Good communication, advanced technology and transport facilities locomote up growth of business enterprises globally (Gregory & Marilyn 2004). There is globalization of markets in China as a result there are more

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